Helpful site for foreigner in Japan

Thank you for coming. ^^

This page will help and tell you
something good way to live or
stay in Japan.

Please ask me by mail or
comment form at the bottom of
this page.😆👍

I'd answer soon.

Ofcause, You can also ask me by
twitter and Facebook.
twitter link→
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【 Language, expression trouble 】
If you have language trouble,
I'd do Japanese online lesson
in English/Japanese for free. Also, without me,
there are more than 8staff(men/women) can do
Japanese online lesson for free.👍✨✨

Our purpose is interacting or speaking English
as an activity of English club.

If you have interest in us,
please access this link or twitter link.

【 Access, a place trouble you hope for】
If you want to know a place and
its access, I'd tell convenient tools
in moblile phone, the way to use it
and concrete access.

【 Job hunting/working trouble in Japan 】
For being good Job hunter in Japan,
Firstly, you'd get visa(permission to go and
stay in Japan) through the embassy of Japan
in your country.
Secondly, you'd use job matching/hunting services.
Ex.)ハローワーク,NSA,Japan career..etc.
This link introduce its kinds of services in Japan↓

【 Service trouble 】
If you hope for good service about
transportation, restaurant, guide,
interaction..etc, I'd introduce helpful
method and community or company.

【 About blogger(me) this site 】
I'm Japanese blogger who wants
to be a helpful guy. I can't ignore
people who has trouble, so I hope
they have a good time without worry.

Seeing foreigner such people, I hope so
and think I want to use my skill for them.

Especially, I'm good at browsing
information and picking it up by Google.
Also, it's possible to use two language
Japanese and English, so I can get
twice informations and choose good
informations exactly.

Of cause, I have limits of help because
of various costs, so I make other community
or company contact you. No worries.
Before Introduction, I'll contact them and
make sure about themselves at first.
  Please let me know your trouble or
worries in Japan. ^^

Let's share informations. Thank you.💗

This link below is contact page to me↓

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